Bellatrix Corset Halter (Limited Anniversary Release)

Bellatrix Corset Halter (Limited Anniversary Release)

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Introducing our Bellatrix Corset Halter, where the essence of our past meets the allure of our present silhouettes. This limited edition piece combines the timeless design of our classic halter tops with the versatile charm of the Rigel Corset. Drawing inspiration from our initial launch, it showcases the flour sack design that embodies the essence of our brand's journey. ✨ 

  • Limited Edition Anniversary Release: Only 20 pieces in total will be made.
  • Made from used flour sacks. 
  • Kristen is wearing a size XS-S.
  • Tied at the back for adjustability
Dimensions in Inches Bust Waist
XS-S 29"-32" 23"-26"
S-M 32"-35" 26"-29"
M-L 35"-38" 29"-33"



This piece is made from upcycled flour sacks, thus it needs special and gentle care for its appearance to be maintained. Do note that this type of fabric will naturally fade over time. The placing and color of the pieces might also vary due to the use of different flour sacks per item. Should color transfer occur on the white area, spot clean with laundry detergent/powder.

Care Instructions:

  1. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners
  2. Handwash/Wash Gently
  3. Use cold water
  4. Tumble dry on low for less shrinkage and damage
  5. Air dry if possible